ESOL (2)

              We provide excellent ESOL classes from beginner to advanced.


ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages. If your first language is not English, Skills and Training Network (STN) offer ESOL education courses to help develop your speaking, listening, reading, writing and communication skills for everyday life, work and study. Our program includes citizenship studies. We also accept spouses and dependents of European Economic Area (EEA) passport holders where the spouses and dependents have been living in the EEA for one year. You can take general English language courses from Entry 1 (beginners) to Level 2 (advanced) and gain a nationally recognised ESOL Skills for Life qualification. All courses include a diagnostic tutorial so students can devise an individual learning plan with their tutor. There will be opportunities to work in the computer suite which will help to combine your ICT skills with language work.

Why Choose Us?

 our tutors are highly qualified, experienced, respectful and very friendly 

 flexible daytime, evening and Saturday courses

 small class sizes

All levels from Pre-entry to Level 2

 we guarantee a great overall learning experience


All ESOL learners follow the national ESOL adult Core Curriculum Classes:

 ESOL Entry 1 – Beginner

 ESOL Entry 2 – Elementary

 ESOL Entry 3 – Intermediate

 ESOL Level 1 – Higher Intermediate

 ESOL Level 2 – Advanced

Level 2 pass students who want to further develop their English reading and writing skills will be referred to an Adult Literacy for ESOL class at their local college.

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