What is a childminder?

A Childminder’s role is to care for children in their own home during the hours a parent requires.

Childminders are permitted to care for a maximum of six children under the age of eight years, a maximum of 3 of these children can be under 5 years old, only one child may be 12 months or younger. This ratio includes the Childminders own children.

There are many benefits to becoming a Childminder. You are able to choose the hours you wish to care for children, you are able to work from home, and your own children can accompany you in your duties.

Do I have to register with Ofsted to become a childminder? What happens if I’m not registered?

If you are going to be paid to care for children under the age of eight years for more than 2 hours per day then you absolutely must be registered with Ofsted – the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s services and skills.

Registration with Ofsted is mandatory – if you are caught being paid to care for children on your own premises and are not Ofsted registered you face imprisonment or an unlimited fine.

STN staffs are able to advise you on what is required to register with Ofsted.

  • Register with the EARLY YEARS REGISTER if you wish to care for young children (age 0 – 5)
  • Register on the compulsory part of the CHILDCARE REGISTER to care for children aged 5 – 7 years.
  • Register on the voluntary part of the CHILDCARE REGISTER to provide care service only for children above the age of 8 years.

To register with Ofsted you must be:

  • Above 18 years of age
  • Have the right to work in UK
  • Have a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check
  • Are physically and mentally able to take care of children

The registration process with Ofsted takes up to 12 weeks. The inspectors of Ofsted will visit your home and examine your premises as well as safety and welfare equipments to approve your registration application.

What is the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and why is it important?

For the childminders who wish to be registered with Early Years Register have to abide by the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS). The framework has two clear aspects:

Supporting children in seven areas of learning and development:

  • Personal, emotional, and social development of children.
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

The welfare and safeguarding of children:

  • Childminders must undertake basic checks which ensure all members of staff have undergone relevant security checks.
  • Premises check to ensure the location and equipment are safe for children.
  • Quality of the environment such as outdoor play area for children.

The principles of the EYFS teach the providers that every child is unique and develop in different ways and at different stages. The framework also includes children with special needs disabilities and therefore it essential part of being a childminder.

What courses should I complete?

STN provides all the necessary courses for you to become a skilled childminder.

Work Activities of a Childminder:

A Childminder is obliged to carry out the parent’s requests regarding their child’s diet, safety, routines, education, religion, and every other aspect of the childs daily care. A Childminder should also share information and concerns about the children to their parents on a frequent basis. A childminder will be required to:

  • Make sure the children under their care are safe, provided frequent nutritious meals, warm, occupied with educational play and activities, and above all happy.
  • Plan, prepare and serve them their meals.
  • Change diapers and prepare and provide bottles for infants.
  • Arrange and plan activities for indoor and outdoor play.
  • Take children to parks, libraries and other outings with permission of their parents.
  • Undertake the school or nursery run if required. Always being punctual and safe throughout the journey

What are the benefits of becoming a childminder?

A childminder will be able to:

  • Work from their own home
  • Look after their own children whilst undertaking their childminding duties.
  • Chose timings and days of work according to their own schedule.

Am I a suitable Childminder candidate?

A career in childminding is ideal for those who have a love of caring for and educating children. The position is ideal, for example, for a mother, teacher, nursery worker, nanny or social worker who wishes to establish a business from their own home.

Accreditation: This course is accredited by the OCN at level 3.

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