Since 28th October 2013 it has been mandatory for anyone applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain/ Naturalisation/ Spouse Visa in the United Kingdom to demonstrate their knowledge of the English Language (KOL) and pass a Life in the UK examination. On 5th November 2015 the Home Office changed the conditions of the English test for immigration applications. All tests must now be undertaken at a Home Office approved Secure English Language Test centre (SELT). Applicants will have to show English speaking and listening skills to B1 Level of the Common European Framework of Reference.

Are you ready for your B1 Test?

Skills and Training Network (STN) offers a B1 ESOL Entry 3 test preparation course for people who are applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK or for British Citizenship.

STN provides specialist B1 English courses designed to ensure that all our candidates are confident, composed and ready to pass their test at the first attempt.

If you are unsure of your English skills level you should visit us for a FREE Initial Assessment. Our friendly teachers will assess your English language status and devise a suitable learning plan for you. We provide all required information on the format and content of the exam which will ensure there are no surprises on the day.

Our highly experienced, hand-picked tutors have assembled thorough sets of learning data and sample tests which are very similar to the test you will sit. Once familiar with our preparation material, you will have a clear idea of the test paper layout, the type of questions that will be asked and what standard of English is needed to pass.

We offer a variety of price plans for your personal learning needs. Course duration will depend on your current knowledge of the English language and your language-learning ability as per the initial assessment.

We provide:

a tailor made program for each student

excellent teachers and high quality training material

  free initial assessment

  reasonable tuition fees

  weekday and weekend courses or daily classes

  pastoral and individual support

  one-to-one and group sessions

Our success rates are very high and all our customers are very happy and we have excellent feedback.

Belma “I have been lots of individual support, very excellent teaching and support, I passed my both tests B1 and Life In the UK with STN.”

Ibrahim “Excellent knowledgeable, friendly and kind teacher, learning material is great and very helpful, I passed B1 in January.

Maha “Thanks to my good and passionate teacher for all the help and extra time to support me till I passed from first time.

Ozlem” I was very scared and not very confident, the teacher was very patient, supportive and very experienced and I have been granted lots of practices of the language.

Saba” The teacher prepared very well for the test, I was very confident and well prepared for the test.

For more course details and friendly advice call us on 07507614843 – 02088870155 or email: info@sntnetwork.co.uk. Or you can complete the on-line form and we will get back to you immediately.